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UPDATE for Each Product.


Firmware means software to control a circuit, the system of the product.

How to update Firmware.

  • What you need for updating

@ Adapter to connect PC and product
【 When updating XARVIS XX / S.BUS adapter(OP15067) / SBM-1(FUTABA) / XARVIS / Ne-St / AIRIA / TACHYON / TAO 】
Update Device Kit III (OP-15087) or II (OP-15064)
※When updating the S.BUS Adapter / SBM-1, please prepare a separate "S.BUS Adapter update conversion cable (OP15095)".
【When updating TAOU / TAOV】
USB cable included with each product (A commercially available USB cable that supports data communication can be used as a substitute)
※Please note that the installed USB terminal differs depending on the product.
(TAOU=mini B、TAOV=micro USB[Type B])

A Windows-based PC or Windows-based tablet (USB terminal required)
(XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10, 32bit/64bit)

  • Update steps of the new firmware

@Install "the renewal tool" corresponding to each product in a PC than [renewal tool] in the bottom.
・On the occasion of the installation of the update tool, please do not connect a product to a PC.
・The installation to the PC of the update tool is only first time.

ANext step. Choose the latest firmware for your products from [firmware] and then, download it to a PC.

BFinally start "the renewal tool" which installed in Step@, and renew firmware according to a procedure of each tool.
By this work, you can use the latest product performance.
In addition, there is the procedure in the manual column of the renewal tool.

(Reference)When an operation method and a function are changed by update, download the latest instruction manual from here, and please use it.

  • Chart of the renewal work
Information on how to update the following 4 products is posted on another page
Click on the banner for each product

A variety of software is prepared in an archive format.
Archiver software such as Lhaplus is required in order to use files in this format. Click here to download

Abode Reader

A variety of catalogs and instruction manuals are prepared as PDF files. Adobe Reader is required in order to use files in the PDF format. Click here to download

Depending on the environment, PDF files may take some time to download, so we recommend opening Adobe Reader once the file has been saved to disk. In Windows, right click the download button and select "Save File to Target".
*If the file cannot be downloaded, request a catalog by clicking here.

Update tool

Acuvance Update-168 Ver.1.0 (Release Date, August 26, 2013) TACHYON Download
  • For TAOV / ESC (excluding TACHYON) / Ne-St / S.BUS adapter / SBM-1 (FUTABA)
Acuvance Update Tool Ver.1.0.8 (Release Date, January 20, 2022) Update Download
  • Setup manual for update tool of / AIRIA / Ne-St
※Update Device Kit III (OP-15087) or II (OP-15064) is required for updating.(Excluding TAOV)
  • After download update tools for Tachyon/TAO or Tachyon AIRIA, about the actions to be taken of the case that a USB adapter does not start normally(LED does not vary from red to green)
When connect a device kit (USB adapter) for the first time, and a case not to start normally (the signal of "the USB adapter connection state" does not change as red),
an old driver may be installed. Please update the driver of the USB adapter according to contents after downloading with a procedure.


  • For Ne-St
0B.10.F2.12 Ver.05.1 (Release Date, February 28, 2022) TACHYON Download
  • [Ver.05.1]
  • ・Added support for XARVIS XX [Ver.F2.1].
    ※The setting data is the same as Ver.05.
  • [Ver.05]
  • ・Added 15 kinds of data for XARVIS XX to the setting data of Ver.04.
  • ※Data Nos. 31 to 45 are the setting data for XARVIS XX.
  • ※The setting data (No.01-20) for XARVIS is the same as Ver.04.
  • ※Communication with XARVIS / FUTABA MC970CR is still possible.
  • ※When the setting data for XARVIS XX is transferred to XARVIS, only the values related to the torque level newly installed in XARVIS XX and the values other than BEC voltage switching are transferred.

Installation of the firmware of either (For TAO or For TAO II) is necessary to use the AIRIA.
In AIRIA installing firmware for exclusive use of TAO, it can't use TAO II.
In AIRIA installing firmware for exclusive use of TAO II, it can't use TAO.
But, please install firmware for exclusive use of one of either as needed because a change of these firmware is possibility.

(Exclusive firmware for TAO)
B108121.kyc(0b.10.81.21) Ver.3.1 (Release Date, September 25, 2013) TACHYON AIRIA Download

It smoothed off a throttle response in the super low speed.

(Exclusive firmware for TAO II)
B10f016.kyc(08.10.F0.16) Ver.4.3 (Release Date, August 9, 2016) TACHYON AIRIA Download

We added new adjustment item about the throttle feeling, also, It is update firmware to cope with TAO II after Ver1.4, the convenience greatly improved when you make a brain unit and pairing.
To version up of TAOII, please carry out the update of AIRIA by all means.
(You cannot use an additional function of TAO II Ver.1.4 without update AIRIA.)

A control program of around the neutral point is different from firm ware version of earlier than Ver.4.1 (B10f014.KYC).
Therefore, please do update in the condition that floated a tire on from the ground when update it from firm ware before Ver.4.1. Because the neutral points move by update, and a motor may begin rotating at low speed. Please change initial setting of throttle position after update completion by all means. *See Page 6 on AIRIA instruction manual.

After Ver.4.1 (B10f014.kyc), Special throttle control program was added for preventing the outbreak of the over current by sudden changes from reverse to moving forward.
It relieves a burden to Drive gears, batteries and AIRIA.
See Detail. (You must read here)

In the case of use TAO, please install firmware <<Ver.3.1 for exclusive use of TAO>> mentioned above.

  • For TAO
(Firm ware fits for both TACHYON and TACHYON AIRIA)
P00211.pkc Ver.2.2 (Release Date, September 25, 2013) TAO Download

Improved some performances.
As for this firmware, the following functions are deleted to support both "TACHYON" and "TACHYON AIRIA" ESC.
*IR thermometer
*Calendar Watch
*Stop Watch

(Exclusive firmware for TACHYON)
A00111.PKC Ver.1.2 (Release Date, December 4, 2014) TAO Download

Only data link with TACHYON is possible
IR thermometer, Calendar Watch and Stop Watch function is available.

  • Setting flow chart of TAO
It is an operation manual after the update

Optional parts for UPDATE

Update device kit III NEW

OP-15087 \3,500

A tool for updating ESC, Ne-St, S.BUS adapter, etc.
In addition, a PC with Windows is required.

  • ※This product is an update device kit that uses micro USB (B) for the USB terminal. The specifications are the same as Update Device Kit II (OP-15064) except for the USB terminal.
Update device kit III
Update device kit III


USB cable , USB Adapter , Ne-St connection cable , RX cable
S.BUS Adapter UPDATE Conversion cable

OP-15095 \500

  • Conversion cable for connecting the S.BUS adapter (OP-15067) to the update device kit II (OP-15064).
  • Used to update the S.BUS adapter.
S.BUS Adapter UPDATE Conversion cable
Update device kit II

OP-15064 \3,500

  • A tool for updating ESC, Ne-St, S.BUS adapter, etc.
  • In addition, a PC with Windows is required.
Update device kit II


USB cable , USB Adapter , Ne-St connection cable , RX cable
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