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The latest software download

TAO II Please read it before use

This product is an effecter for exclusive use of TACHYON AIRIA.
Before use, you have to update firmware of TACHYON AIRIA to a TAO II -adaptive version.
Please update in referring to update software.

* When you update it, PC and update device kit is necessary. (The correspondence OS)

* Please specify with "Request to TAOII-Update" by all means. (Please pay shipping cost by yourself.)

* TACHYON AIRIA where firmware for exclusive use of TAOII was installed cannot perform setting changes in 1st Gen TAO.
Please change a setting mode of TACHYON AIRIA to a program card mode when using TAOII. (TACHYON AIRIA instruction manual P.10)

Regardless of wired communication or wireless communication, because the use with the ESC mode is not possible, please be careful.

Not only at the time of a setting change in TAOII, please always use it as a program card mode during a run.

TAOII is a totally new development type effector that unifies the whole vehicle.

Generally, a program card for E.S.C. is external equipment to more easily operate various set points programmed beforehand by the E.S.C. In contrast, many users give a high evaluation to TAO as a setting device to be able to write a new program.

TAOII enabled more detailed and free setting depending on a category and a course layout. It leads to the setting of the Boost/Turbo not to mention each frequency and Drive/Brakes. These are based on data from user of 1st gen.TAO

Driver can easily confirm these set points at hand, and the transmission, the setting change in AIRIA is possible by wireless, too.

In addition, It became able to display the change of various data on the running vehicle. (E.S.C./ motor temperature and battery voltage etc.)

Furthermore, you can control the various devices that planned release via a brain unit in future.

TAOII is a totally new development type effector that unifies the whole vehicle.

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1.Hi-Quality Smart-Design

The main body back panel is champagne gold aluminum billet.

2.Improved visibility

Driver can easily confirm each data by 2.2 inch color TFT display.

3.Touch scroll button is the first among the industry.

By the wheel pad, intuitive operability greatly improved.

4.Large expansion of the E.S.C. setting

It largely made various setting items expansion.
As a result, you can completely use original performance of AIRIA.
Main Features

 a. Frequency setting
You can completely set each frequency to greatly influence operation feeling independently. (Technology only for Acuvance)
The set point came to be largely made in expansion, the details with 1 - 2KHz step in the range of 0.5KHz or 1KHz - 32KHz.

 b. Power setting
Separately from frequency setting, you can set the strength of initial speed neutral brakes and brakes.
Every 2% step can set each setting in the range of 0-50 or 100%.

 c. Large expansion of the boost/turbo function
It has 11 kinds of setting with the popular boost/turbo function.
Because it went into details about a set point, not only the strong acceleration but also the slow control is possible.

 d. REV limiter
It can set the upper limit of motor RPM.

5.Abundant pre-set program

It is equipped with 5 kinds of programs to pre-set according to a category.
Because you can change all program to pre-set, you can easily enjoy setting.

6.Two-way communication via Bluetooth

It can transmit the contents which you set in TAOII to AIRIA via Bluethooth. In addition, you can confirm current setting of AIRIA with a screen of TAOII by wirelessly transmitting.

7.Vibration function

When it arrived at a battery voltage and E.S.C., the motor temperature that I set beforehand, the TAOII body vibrates and will tell a driver to avoid trouble by the generous load.

8.Data logger function

Various temperature, Battery voltages, Motor RPM, Throttle work etc.

9.Graph data information

In addition to current data, a graph displays data before the last time with 1 screen at three kinds, the same time.
(Technology only for Acuvance)
Because It can easily compare the change of the running condition by this function, you can confirm various hints for an operation level or improvement of the time at hand.

10. Micro SD Card

It memorize various set points and data using bundled Micro-SD card (4GB). Therefore, you can record information approximately endlessly. Furthermore, the exchanges of the data with the friend were enabled.

11.Expansion device terminal

You can do setting each function and the logging data of the multi vehicles which carried AIRIA only in one TAOII if you use the brain unit.

As for the connection of AIRIA and Brain Unit, the connection is possible in separate with an attached L-shaped connector cable other than a docking system. You can put them on various places.

Furthermore, you can control the various expansion devices that will be released through a brain unit in future via TAOII.

※For wireless communication between XARVIS and TAO II, an Air Link Adapter (Airlink Adapter / OP-15065) is required separately.

*A temperature sensor unit sold separately is necessary for the motor temperature detection.

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lineup of TAOU.

TAOU Pearl white (Back Panell : Billet aluminum / Hairline specifications / Champagne gold)
TAOU Pearl white (Back Panell : Billet aluminum / Hairline specifications / Champagne gold)
Blue Package Red Package
Blue Package

Red Package

In addition to the TAOII, it is attached with a Brain Unit enabling interactive data communication via Bluetooth.

In addition, it bundle the connection wire when they separate mounting AIRIA and a Brain Unit.

By adding an optional Air Link Adapter (Airlink Adapter / OP-15065) to this package, wireless two - way communication with XARVIS is possible as well as AIRIA.
This is the entry specification only for the TAOII which can enjoy the powerful charm of the detailed setting easily.

It performs the transmission and reception of setting data in wire using RX cable of the AIRIA.

Of course you can do interactive data communication by adding a brain.

If you add an optional Brain unit and Air Link Adapter (airlink adapter / OP - 15065), wireless two - way communication is possible.
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TAOU 1 1
Instruction manual 1 1
AC adapter for charges 1 1
USB cable 1 1
MICRO SD card (4GB) 1 1
Cable for connected AIRIA with BRAIN-UNIT 1
RX-Branch cable 1
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Outward appearance Pearl white (Back Panell : Billet aluminum / Hairline specifications / Champagne gold)
Outer Dimensions 52(W) × 105(H) × 11(D) mm
Weight 78g
Battery Li-Po, DC3.7V,500mA/h
Charge Voltage DC 5V
Display 2.2Inches TFT color LCD
Full Charge Time 2 hours
Operation Time Consecutive use 5 hours
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TAOU Update

TAOU allows you to enjoy the latest functions and feelings by updating (updating) the firmware (control program).
First, please refer to here, and when you are ready to update, please update according to the following procedure.

[1]Install firmware update tool for TAOU on your PC

Acuvance V3.8 Ver.3.8 (Release Date, September 8, 2017) TAOU Download

[2] Download the latest firmware for TAOU to your PC

  • For TAO U 【 for XARVIS XX 】

Firmware compatible with XARVIS XX's unique functions such as torque level and BEC output switching.

  • The torque level and torque end point functions cannot be used or set incorrectly when using our motors before LUXON BS and other companies' motors.
  • ※XARVIS and AIRIA settings can be changed (both wired and wireless), but please be aware of the following two points.
    ・XARVIS XX exclusive functions such as torque level related functions and BEC voltage switching functions do not function when using XARVIS and AIRIA.
    The data log function is available only when using XARVIS XX.
Ver.2.01 Ver.2.01 (Release Date, March 25, 2020) TAOU Download


  • ・Supports use with S.BUS system compatible transmitters.
    ※(Ex.) Change settings with the transmitter, and save data with TAOU.
  • For TAO U 【 for XARVIS & AIRIA 】
Ver.1.45 Ver.1.45 (Release Date, april 11, 2018) TAOU Download
[Update contents of Ver.1.45]
・The motor rotation speed acquired by the data logger function can be displayed exceeding 100,000 rpm.
・It has become possible to enlarge the settable value of the boost end rotation speed from “10,000rpm to 60,000rpm” to “10,000rpm to 100,000rpm” and to change the acceleration characteristic in the high speed to ultra high speed range more powerfully.
[Update contents of Ver.1.43]
・ Firmware update to cope with parts replacement.
・ Expanded the settable value of full brake power from 70% to 100% from 0% to 100%, making it possible to control braking according to the driving style and categories.
- A command to delete the saved pairing PIN code was added.

(When using XARVIS)
It is not necessary to update the firmware (software) of XARVIS due to the upgrade of TAO II this time.

(When using AIRIA)
Along with upgrading TAO II, please be sure to also update AIRIA (to Ver. 4.3 or later).
(If AIRIA has not been updated, additional functions of TAOU Ver.1.4 or later cannot be used)

attention when I update TAOII before Ver.1.2 to after Ver.1.3

You have to format SD Card after updating, Because a system is largely changed after Ver.1.3.

Then, all the user setting data which you saved so far are deleted.
Please write down necessary data on memo papers before a format. And enter data again after updating and formatting completion.

In addition, Because all the log data acquired by a data logger function are removed, please approve it beforehand. We are very sorry.

After ver 1.3., You don't have to format of the SD card.

We've added and improved the following function after Ver.1.2,

[3] Start the update tool and execute the firmware installation

The update of TAOU is completed above!
Enjoy the latest features and feelings!

Copyright (c) ACUVANCE CORPORATION. All rights reserved.

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FAX +81-6-6379-1190