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Ultra High Speed fan unit for XARVIS exclusive
【REY-Storm】 NEW

BLACK OP-15070
RED OP-15071


  • It is brushed up and realize the world's top class Performance.
  • The premium design based on a aluminum body has a heat sink function too.
  • The "X" motif Radiate Design uses the 3D-Bridge structure on the top of XARVIS. High power fan makes highly efficient support of air flow.
  • You can choose 3 WAY Installation method.
    [Cooling fan + Fan Shield],[Fan shield as heat sink only],[Fan only]
    You can choose the mounting method according to the temperature environment and room on the R/C carchassis.

You can check the performance of REY-Storm by this movie.

※ This product is only for XARVIS.
Please note that the original performance will not be exhibited if it is installed in the product of another manufacture.

※This product can be installed in Futaba ESC [MC970CR].

【Basic performance to know】 〜 Aluminum body and cooling potential. 〜



・Ultra High Speed fan ・aluminum FAN shield  ・Screw
S.BUS Adapter

OP-15067 \4,800

    • It is an adapter for doing setting change and data log(Telemetry) etc of Jarvis on the color touch panel equipped with Futaba transmitter 【7PX ・ 7XC】. The setting menu is same as TAO II.
      It corresponds also to the fastest response mode which is the feature of 7PX ・ 7XC.

      [How to connect]
      Use the Link Cable (50 mm) soldered to this adapter, and the RX Cable (100 mm) attached to the Jarvis Link terminal to the S.BUS port of S.BUS compatible Futaba receiver. Because RX cable can be separated, simple and flexible layout is possible by exchanging with our option cable (50 mm ・ 200 mm) with different cable length.
      Even if there is a break wire or electrification failure in any chance, you can easily repair by replacing the cable.

      ※ 7PX ・ 7XC transmitter has no setting data storage function.
      By using TAO II together, it is possible to save and manage setting data and use various preset data.

      In order to use this product, in addition to XARVIS, Futaba transmitter [7PX ・ 7XC] and receiver [R334SBS], each firmware rewrite is necessary.
      Please refer to 【here】 for XARVIS update method.
      Please refer to Futaba's website for updating the transmitter and receiver.

      With the Futaba receiver [R334SBS], the telemetry function can not be used in SR mode.
      When using the telemetry function, change the response mode to normal mode.

      ※ S.BUS is a proprietary communication standard developed by Futaba Electronics Industries, Ltd.
S.BUS Adapter
S.BUS Adapter


For the RX cable 100 mm connecting this product to the receiver, various optional RX cables can also be used.
The Link cable (50 mm) connecting this product to XARVIS has been soldered.
Air Link Adapter

OP-15065 ¥3,800

  • By connecting XARVIS and the Brain unit (Accessory of TAO II All-in-one package or OP-15012) via this product, wireless two-way communication with TAO II becomes possible.
    XARVIS must be Ver. 3.0 or higher in order to use this product.
Air Link Adapter

【List of Accessories】

・RX black wire (100mm)【You can also use our various RX cables.】
【Limited】 Welcome Set
(Air Link Adapter + Brain Unit)

OP-15066 ¥9,500

  • This is a limited quantity set packaged Air link Adapter and Brain Unit.
    If you already use XARVIS and TAO II-E (entry package), you can use wireless two-way communication just by adding this set.
Air Link Adapter


・Air Link Adapter
・Brain Unit
・RX black wire (100mm) 【You can also use our various RX cables.】
"RX signal separation cable" and "long screw for AIRIA fixation" attached to OP - 15012 are not included in this product.
High Power FAN Unit - For XARVIS

BLACK OP-15058
RED  OP-15059


  • This set is combined a three-dimensional aluminum FAN shield that combines a heat sink function with a high-voltage cooling fan with high air flow and quietness.
  • The top surface of XARVIS is a cooling structure with 3D-Bridge and motif of "X". This shape efficiently induces air flow by high power fan and strongly supports cooling.
  • Three installation methods 「Cooling fan + Fan shield」「Only Fan shield as heat sink」「Only Fan」. You can choose the method freely according to the temperature environment and installation space.
High Power FAN Unit - For XARVIS
High Power FAN Unit - For XARVIS
High Power FAN Unit - For XARVIS

(Photo Left) Set of cooling fan and aluminum fan shield
(Photo Middle) The power of the cooling FAN is supplied from the XARVIS.
(Photo Right) It can also be used as a heat sink by mounting only an aluminum fan shield.

High Power FAN Unit - For XARVIS
High Power FAN Unit - For XARVIS
High Power FAN Unit - For XARVIS


・high-voltage cooling fan  ・aluminum FAN shield  ・Screw
Motor temperature sensor (250mm)

OP-15015 ¥2,000

  • By connecting this item to the Brain unit, it is possible to control the motor temperature with TAO II.
    The compact sensor head section has a curved surface configuration that matches the motor case, and since it is magnetized furthermore, it can be mounted to the motor with a single touch.
    (Comes with Thermal conductivity double sided tape for vibration countermeasures)
Motor temperature sensor (250mm)
Brain unit

OP-15012 ¥6,500

  • Two-way communication unit AIRIA and TAO II by wireless.
    By connecting this unit to AIRIA, various set values and data are communicated with TAO II.
    And, since the PIN code is individually set, bidirectional communication with multiple vehicles equipped with AIRIA can be done with one TAO II.
    (The connection between XARVIS and the Brain unit is only a separate connection.)
  • [Size] 31mm x 31mm x 10.5mm (Doesn’t include protrusions) [Weight] 12g

When separately installing the single Brain unit with the AIRIA, an optional 【ESC ・ brain unit connection code (OP-15014 \ 1,000 + tax)】 is required.

Brain unit
Brain unit connection wire (150mm)

OP-15014 ¥1,000

  • It is a connecting wire with an L-shaped connector for installing an optional Brain unit separate with AIRIA.
Brain unit connection wire (150 mm)
TAO II exclusive clear jacket

OP-15010 ¥1,250

  • Polyurethane protective case exclusive for TAO II.
TAO II exclusive clear jacket
Black switch wires (50mm, 100mm)

OP-15038 50mm ¥850
OP-15039 100mm ¥850

  • It is a black version of the switch wires for AIRIA. You can choose the length according to the layout.
Black switch wires (50 mm, 100 mm)
Black RX wires (50mm, 100mm, 200mm)

OP-15035 50mm ¥850
OP-15036 100mm ¥850
OP-15037 200mm ¥1,050

  • It is a black version of RX wires for XARVIS and AIRIA.
    It can also be used as a data communication cable between XARVIS and TAO II.
Black RX wires (50 mm, 100 mm, 200 mm)
Switch wires (50mm, 100mm)

OP-87514 50mm ¥800
OP-87515 100mm ¥800

  • It is a switch wires for AIRIA. You can choose the length according to the layout.
Switch wires (50 mm, 100 mm)
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